A stainless steel, man-sized bento box?

Hello everyone, I'm looking for a stainless steel bento box suitable for an adult male. I'm athletic and I probably consume my major meal around lunch time so it should be on the larger size (I tend to eat sparsely at breakfast and dinner). Non-leaking is important, it will be in a bag with my laptop! I'm looking for stainless steel for environmental reasons, but also because my dog's favorite thing to do is try to eat tupperware containers left in the sink. With steel at least he cannot cause much damage. Also I find tupperware tends to become stained pretty easily from sauces and grease adheres to it. I'm not much of a bento-traditionalist, if that matters. My bento is just as likely to filled with baby carrots, pita and hummus as onigiri and kinpira. Thank you