Spring Bento Challenge?

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Just wanting to see if anyone is interested in doing a Spring themed Bento?
This forum looked a little dusty so I thought I would ask.

How would the challenge work?

Use local spring produce available in your area. Explore your local markets, farms, and stores and see what they have in season. Experiemnt. Try a fruit or veggie you've never seen before.

How long do you have?
Until the End of April, Beginning of May

What about posting a picture of my Bento?
Please Do! It's not required (though a recipe including the new fruit or veggie you found would be nice)

Have fun and lets see what wonderful ideas and produce we find!

Have a wonderful Spring!


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Re: Spring Bento Challenge?

I like the idea of this :-)


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Re: Spring Bento Challenge?

It is a good idea, although for me it would have to be an Autumn bento! It is not Spring everywhere in the world.



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Re: Spring Bento Challenge?

lol. I understand. The point is still the same. Explore your local markets, farms etc. Doesn't matter the season. Just find something new and interesting and experiment.

Katherine Hunni
Re: Spring Bento Challenge?

I live in Maryland, USA- our farmer's markets just opened about a week ago. I just went this weekend- asparagus and arugula are a spring crop (so I picked up a couple bundles of those) and also some cucumbers. I plan on making the bento filler Cucumber and Nashi marinated salad (without the pear). Unfortunately at this point (in my area at least) most veggies at markets are green house grown, so they don't have that summer fresh taste yet. Doesn't mean I'll stay away from the markets though! They're my favorite part of the warm seasons.

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