Spreadsheet Version of Maki's Weekly Bento Planner

(From the Just Bento Forum:)

Hi Hi Everybody,

Thought I'd share the little spreadsheet version I made of Maki's Weekly Bento Planner (her original here). (Shared with her permission of course.)

Being the geek that I am and the fact that I don't like scanning or looking at my handwriting, I wanted an editable version. I also wanted to be able to save it in a format that we could share as we do the planning assignment for the Going Deeper challenge. It should be fun to see what everyone else is putting in bentos (maybe we can get a few more ideas too)!

I have 2 versions
- Google docs version. Please save a version for yourself then edit away. To save a version for yourself - log into your google account, view the spreadsheet, File-> Create a Copy.
- Excel Version. To share this version after you fill it out, I'd upload it to Google docs, some other online spreadsheet, or convert to a pdf and upload it somewhere for a link. (To print to a PDF I use PDF Creator - it's free. No affilation.)

(Update 1/13 -It should have occurred to me that images/screenshots of the bento planning sheets would work too. Maki just posted about her firs bento of this challenge and that's what she did. Smart lady!)

Anyway, hope these are of help.