Spanish omelette recipe for bento

Hi people this is my first post. I've decided to go bento since i need to save some money due to financial crisis ._. So I've been lurking lots of bento-friendly recipes through the Internet when I realized that the most traditional recipe here in Madrid can be easily used for bentos! I'm writing the recipe below... no photos, sorry. I'll made some next time i cook another omelette! Please note this is not diet food at all! This is a little tricky to do but it tastes greatly either cold or just made and will last a few days in the fridge. You'll need: - 3 eggs - 3-4 potatoes (medium size, it depends on how thick you want the omelette on your preferred egg-potatoe ratio) - salt (just a little pinch, or you can forget about the salt, it'll be delicious anyway) - olive oil (a damn lot!) I guess any veg. oil will be ok too 1.- Peel the potatoes and cut them in slices. They should be like 5 mm thick. 2.- In a big pan, put olive oil to medium heat. The quantity of oil should be enough to fry all the potato slices at once. You can also fry them in a frier if you own one. 3.- Put the potatoe slices in the hot oil pan and fry them until soft (NOT CRISPY!). You should 'break' the slices as they become soft and smooth. Careful with the hot oil please!! 4.- Once the potatoes are fried, take them out of the pan and drain. In the meantime, beat the eggs like you do when making tamagoyaki or french omelette. Add salt to the eggs. 5.- Put the fried potatoes in a bowl and add the eggs. Mix the eggs with the potatoes. You can mash the potatoes with the eggs if you want, that goes to taste too. 6.- in a small pan, heat a tbsp of olive oil in medium heat. Once it's hot, add the "egg+potatoe" mixture and cook in medium heat until it's done in one side. 7.- When you try to turn the omelette over, You will need a BIG plate for that. Bigger than the pan in which you're frying the omelette. I mean it. That's the most tricky part so be careful! Cook it on the other side and that's it. Your omelette should be round, bright yellow and smell delicious! Don't worry if the omelette breaks while turning it over... You can cook it until it's completely firm or just leave it half cooked on the inside, it depends on your taste. If you cook it for a bento i recommend it to be completely firm. This usually takes me like 30 min to cook. This is not a recipe to make in the morning when you are all in a hurry to get your bento and go to work, but if you cook it for dinner you can save some and put it in a bento. I particularly prefer the omelette cold so it's perfect for a bento. You can cut it in cubes or maybe you can use cookie cutters to make cute forms with it... I'm sorry if the recipe is a little bad explained... I'll try to take some pics the next time a cook one! I hope this is of any help anyway! :)
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