Shabu Shabu / Sukiyaki hotpot broth recipe?

Why hello there :D So as of maybe the past year, I've discovered Shabu Shabu (on my birthday) and I'm rather addicted. I want to purchase a hotpot so that my boyfriend and I can enjoy Shabu Shabu & Sukiyaki at home. 2 of our favorite flavored brothes were a Spicy Miso broth, and a Sukiyaki broth. Now, I know that there is Sukiyaki as a different meal, which is a similar version to Shabu Shabu... but I'm curious of how to recreate the sukiyaki broth for shabu shabu. I'm assuming that sukiyaki broth for sukiyaki is more.. umm.. condensed? I cannot think of the term, and the sukiyaki broth for shabu shabu is more watered down? It's rather hard to describe. Or would you say both brothes have the same density or amount of ingredient (since Sukiyaki actually has the food in the pot already, where as Shabu Shabu you dip your food & cook it in the boiling broth etc etc.) Ehh.. I guess I shall say is there any difference in the recipe? Would I add more water or other ingredient for it to be broth for shabu shabu? As for spicy miso, would anyone have a clue as to how to go about recreating the broth recipe? I would think it would be simple.. i remember the broth had chili peppers floating in it.. but I can't find a recipe myself haha. Your help would greatly appreciated!