Rice Cooker or Slow Cooker? Can i still cook rice in the slow cooker?

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I've been looking around on the internet at rice cookers and slow cookers and wondering which to get.

I'd be tempted to get both but my problem is that counter and storage space is strictly limited in our kitchen so ideally i'd like something that i can both set a timer for rice for my bento in the morning and cook lovely stews and soups for when i come home from work in the winter.

If i get a slow cooker can i still cook japanese rice in it? I'm leaning towards a slow cooker so i can make soups and stews as well. I've noticed that there are 2 in 1 products but they seem to be the best of neither (i.e. don't seem to cook rice that well and don't have the full functions of a slow cooker either).

Anyone got any advice?

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Re: Rice Cooker or Slow Cooker? Can i still cook rice in ...

Depending on which rice cooker you get, there are rice cookers available that will allow you to slow cook meals. Mine allows me to slow cook, steam and make yogurt as well as cook different kinds of rice. It actually cooks rice beautifully.

A slow cooker won’t be nearly as flexible. My husband’s Japanese grandmother would tell him that the secret to good rice is power, explaining that rice needs a strong initial blast of heat. Gas fired rice cookers are still very popular and preferred over electric rice cookers by many as they can produce a hotter start to the cooking process.

I’d suggest that you invest in a good rice cooker as it can potentially fulfill all your needs whereas the slow cooker can only cover half of them.

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Re: Rice Cooker or Slow Cooker? Can i still cook rice in ...

I second Loretta's advice.



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