Recipe Sprucing?

Yo,Hi! As you can probably tell I have had absolutely nothing to do today so I have been on the computer for a majority of the day.(This is like my 17th post...[I have absolutely no life...])Anyway, as you all know school is coming up and I am going to try and Bento as much as possible. I take a bus to school which comes at around ... oh ... 7:25-ish and I get up at around 5:45-6:00. So my grain (rice) and veggies (self-explanatory lol) are already fit into my schedule because of my oh, so lovely Rice Cooker.My morning schedule normally goes somewhat like this: 6:00-Get up. 6:20-25-Go downstairs, put in raw rice and let it cook*it takes about 23 min. to cook* 6:50-Rice is done ... hopefully... put in veggies*another 20-ish min.* 7:10-I need to make a good protein in like 10 min.!!(If i don't have left-overs)Helpppppp!!!!! I love the egg tamagoyaki because it takes like 5 min. to cook, but I would like some ideas to spruce it up. P.S-I've already read the forum that's already up about it. Thanks a million!!
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