Question for Japanese members about rice

Hello, I'm doing some research for my website. Can you please tell me if your family has rice during dinner, or at the end of the meal, with pickles and miso soup? The reason I ask is because my family always has (and had) rice at the end of the meal, with pickles and soup. This is also the way rice is served at the traditional better restaurants in Japan, so I always assumed it was the norm. However, after starting Savory Japan, I heard from some Japanese natives who had a different experience, with rice served during the meal. One reason for this is the custom of rice not being served with alcohol. My parents enjoy their cocktails, so it was customary for us (even while we were kids) to enjoy a number of dishes before having rice. And it's ironic, because I actually prefer to have rice during my meal, especially with salty foods. and my husband, who isn't Japanese, perfers rice at the end. What was the custom at your house?
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