Plastic containers heating safety

Good night everyone! **waves** I'm refusing to go to bed and therefore finish my weekend so here i am, lol! I've been thinking of this lately and thought this may be an interesting topic for you all. There are lot of bento boxes tagged as "microwave safe". I always prepare my food to be eaten at room temperature but all my job mates do reheat their food in the microwaves we are provided at work. Some of them carry crystal boxes that have plastic lids so they are completely safe when reheated. But most of them carry plastic boxes and throw them at the microwaves. I told this to my mother and she said that it's not safe at all to heat food on plastic containers. She carries her food at her work in tupperware but she works at a little office and she has there plates and glasses on when she puts the food before she heats it. She is always telling me not to put my ready made food until it's completely cold down. So... anyone can throw a little light to this? :) thanks!
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