So I bought some of this a few weeks ago and I've been procrastinating over what to make with it - until tonight. I've been wanting to try making mini-pies for a while and since I finally remembered to snag some Cream of Tomato at the grocery, I figured tonight would be a good night to try it out. Here's what I ended up with: The first 3 clock-wise are "meat pies". The filling is the Morningstar "meat", some mixed veg and Cream O' Tomato thrown in, simmered for about 10 minutes in medium-high. The dough is really plain pie dough, just flour, water and butter (actually I used margarine o_o). The 'C' is cut for my boyfriend :3 The top left one (the ugly one) is actually some left over anko I wanted to use up. I haven't tried it yet but I'll let you know how that one came out. I also had some of the 'meat' filling left, which I'm going to stuff into onigiri tomorrow when I'm replenishing my freezer stash.
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