Penny Squeezing

I know alot of pepole either a) want to save money by making bento's, b) have enough money but obect to spending more than neccesarry, or c) Just don't have a wasteful nature. Either way, their is alot of money wasted on bento's that doesn't need to be, so I thought a thread on money saving and food saving ideas might be called for. So those of us in the above catagories can all post our ideas and hints on how to be stingy without apearing so, and get ideas off each other. My top hints for the moment are: 1) Reusing leftover rice and pasta saves both food and effort 2) Buying in bulk is worth it for things with no actual sell by date (rice, pasta, anything in a jar or tin etc) 3) It's amazing how much more they charge you for a different label on the exact same thing. Remember, sushi rice is just pudding rice with a larger price tag.