Otedama (Japanese Juggling and Jacks Game) Sets Available

I've started offering otedama sets again. The first of the improved sets is a cute spring green, white, and eggplant purple with tiny flowers, geometric shapes and ginkgo leaves. If you're not familiar with otedama - it's a traditional Japanese juggling and jacks type game.

Otedama set available for sale here.

Otedama (Japanese Juggling and Jacks Game) Geometric Flowers and Ginkgo Set

I made small sets for my child's class, and found making the sets and playing the game quite addictive.

Traditionally the bean bags are filled with beans, but I used stone in case the bags got wet. (Case in point - I gave a set to a friend. The first time trying her set, she plopped a bean bag into her drink. So to make sure the bags last and can be gently washed, I used a natural material that could get wet.)

Other colors and patterns available upon request. <(^.^)>

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