one-pot meals for the busy cook

I'm concerned about the health of a dear person in my life. When I met him he ate a lot of fast food, like many college students. Now he's mostly living on canned soups and frozen curries, which are an improvement, but I'm sure you can see why I'm concerned. He knows how to cook well enough to follow any recipe and says he rather enjoys it, but all my efforts to get him to cook a healthy meal at least one day of the week have failed. He abhors cleaning up afterward and just won't be bothered if the recipe in question requires a lot of work, has too many ingredients, or requires him to go to the grocery store more than once a week. Help? Can anyone recommend a recipe for one-pot meals (or mostly one-pot with maybe rice or mashed potatoes on the side) that is simple, quick, and healthy? I've been searching the internet, but most of what I find lacks either solid protein or vegetables. Anything that can reduce cleanup, like baking in a foil pouch, is also a plus. No restrictions on type or ethnicity of cuisine, and the foods he don't like are few enough that they aren't worth listing except for spinach. He does need to have meat and doesn't like vegetable protein as a primary protein, but if a vegetarian recipe is good, I can usually add meat to it. He won't be bothered to marinate anything overnight or before work. He has a good assortment of spices and decent kitchen equipment at hand, including a rice cooker with a steamer basket. Obviously this won't be an instant fix for his culinary life, but I hope that it can get him used to the idea of cooking for himself. If he can get in the habit of using some easy recipes, then moving on to more complicated recipes won't be too tough.