Not sure if this belongs here..but help!

Hey there! I figured this pertained to travel..but if it's still in the wrong category sorry!! I'm moving to japan for a year this fall and I have a question that's been bugging me.. I live in Minnesota and I eat and cook alot of korean food (in many ways it's become a comfort food for me lol). In Japan is it easy or difficult to get your hands on korean ingredients? Does it depend on where you are? I'm not talking like stuff like the right meats or vegetables I mean stuff like Gochujang or Doenjang, even the korean style seaweed (I looked all over for this the last time I was in Japan..but couldn't find it.. :( ) Maybe this sounds strange, but in some ways not knowing where to get this type of food is going to be a bit pf a culture shock for me haha..even though I'm like minnesotan norwegian :P.. I love Japan and am excited to go, but i understand being in a different culture for a year is going to present alot more challenges than when I was there a few months. Also, I've been told it's important to find some familiar things when going through culture shock. SO yeah...if anyone can answer my strange question I would be so happy!!
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