Nice to meet you all

I have read all introductions up to this point, but since I am reading at work, I don't really have the opportunity to respond to everyone - Hello everyone! I have been "bento-ing" for just a few short months although I have always been interested in Japanese culture (shoot, I used to watch Iron Chef on the local Japanese channel, with subtitles before it ever hit the foodnetwork!) I began packing breakfasts and lunches for work in order to watch expenses (helped in lowering gas costs too cause I was no longer driving all over town to buy lunch) Bento was just a way to make lunch a little more interesting. I mainly pack leftovers - rarely cook asian style recipes to pack. Now, though, my challenge is to pack more healthy foods and watch portions a little more closely in an attempt to shed lbs! :-/ I live in Northern California with DH, DS (16) DD(13), dog & 2 cats. I work full time at a regular job and then I also work full time as a soccer mom since my daughter is on a competitive soccer team - lots of practices, games and tournaments. I am looking forward to the challenge! "See" you all around the forum.