Nice to Meet You!

Just wanted to say "Hello" and introduce myself. I've been blogging about recipes for about 1.5 years, but I had a static recipe page for years before that. I actually only started blogging because I thought it was an easier way to periodically add new recipes than to write a new page every time. Then I got addicted! I have 2 blogs now (the other is fertility related, so I won't post it here unless someone requests it), and I'm planning on starting a 3rd when my husband gets around to restoring his 1969 Mustang. I only recently got into making bento, so I thought this challenge was well timed. I've always thought they made the cutest lunches! I used to work with a guy who had a girlfriend from Japan. She'd pack his lunch for him, then tie it up in a cute (kawaii) bundle. When we'd have out of work events, I'd talk to her and she'd tell me stories about how he couldn't tie the cloth around the bento himself. The knots wouldn't stay and everything fell out! I doubt my bento will ever be anything as fancy as hers, but if it gets me to stop buying lunch from the cafeteria, it's served it's purpose.