New 'Bento recipe cookbook' section

We've sort of experimentally opened a new 'Bento recipe cookbook' section. The idea is that recipe talk, such as suggestions for various recipe ideas (vegetarian, spicy, etc.) and questions, remain here in Bento Recipes, and individual more or less complete recipes go in the Cookbook section. I've moved over some existing posts that are individual recipes over to the Cookbook section. The idea is that people looking for recipes rather than talk, can just look in there, and people who want to discuss recipes and so on, can look in here. We'll see how it works! If not, we'll move things back again to the way they were. :) Two other features that you can take advantage of are __tagging__ your posts (assigning them keywords or categories, like _vegan_ or _cheese_ or _pork_ etc. The more tags people add, the easier it will become to search for various things. (I've put in some tags in the moved recipe posts in the Cookbook section.) You can also give a __star rating__ to posts. This is not that useful for most posts, but could be useful for recipes, if a lot of people do it. You can give a rating directly to a post without commenting, or with a comment. So, hopefully these things will make your forum experience more fun and useful!
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