miso parmesan kabocha gratin

2009 01 08 012 This is something I often make as a side dish for dinner. If I'm lucky enough to have any left over, I spoon it into baking cups and run it under the broiler. I made a bunch for my stash this week when I found some kabocha in my freezer. I take a half of a smallish squash, seed, peel, and cube it, then nuke it in a microwave steamer. When it's soft, I mash it together with a tablespoon each of miso, butter, and grated parmesan cheese, plus some salt and pepper to taste. (You can leave out the butter, if you like - I mainly put it in there so my husband will eat squash). It's fine to eat like that, but if you sprinkle it with a little more cheese and run it under the broiler, it's even better.
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