midnight bento- who is eating at night?

hello everybody, i work at a nightclub (at the bar and as a bouncer) and eat my bentos in the near dark. while it's fun to sit in the bouncer booth and eat a cute little bento, it poses some problems with the design of the food: as everything is illuminated with colourful artificial lights, none of the pretty natural colours i try to put in the box are really visible. bright green pesto turns to black goo, reds and oranges become nearly invisible, subtle contrasts vanish.. is anybody else eating bento at night? have you come across combinations that worked especially well in the dark/weirdly lit situations? how would you design a bento that has to rely on black/white contrasts to display varity? i also find that i seem to prefer crunchy textures in the dark, as if the feeling of the food somehow makes up for the lack of visual enjoyment. strange, i don't have problems with mushy food in the daytime.. what a weirdly formulated post! guess you can all tell that i'm a little tired. so, any suggestions?