May Vegetarian Bento Contest Voting: Round One, Group G

Voting now commences for Round One, Group G - the final group - of the Vegetarian Bento Contest!

As I explained previously, I have divided the entries for the Vegetarian Bento Contest into slightly more manageable groups. Here are the voting rules again:

  • Take a look at the bentos or bento recipes in each group. The entry number is a link to the page for each entry.
  • Select your top 2 favorites in each group.
  • Submit your vote to, stating the entry number, e.g. “B4, and B8”. One vote per person per voting group please! Multiple votes (yes I can see what you're doing!) will be deleted, so please be honest!
  • Deadline for voting is stated for each group. This gives everyone time to look at the entries properly.
  • Please don’t vote for your own entry :)

Here is Group G!

This is the last group for Round 1.

Deadline for voting for Group G: 23:59:59 CET on Friday, June 12th

Once again, you'll see multiple entries from participants, but remember you are strictly judging the bento itself!

Once again: submit your top 2 selections per group, to

(Voting for Groups A, B C, D are now closed.)

Deadline for voting for Group E: 23:59:59 CET on Wednesday, June 10th

Deadline for voting for Group F: 23:59:59 CET on Thursday, June 11th

Deadline for voting for this group, Group G: 23:59:59 CET on Friday, June 12th

This is the last group for round one. Next week, the top vote getters from each group will be moving on to the finals!

(Note: I've gone over the list of submissions several times to make sure I've not missed any, but if you DO see that yours has been skipped over inadvertently, let me know no later than Friday, June 12th.)

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