May Vegetarian Bento Contest: The Finals

We are down the the finals of the May Vegetarian Bento Contest! The voting was really, really close, but in the end, it's a showdown between two very talented bentoists.

Presented in no particular order:

Finalist no. 1: Lavash Bento by sherimiya

Lavash bento - maki's vegetarian bento contest

Original entry page

Explanation: "MisterMan gets lavash "pizza" with cheddar, mushrooms, spinach, semi-dried tomatoes and onions. The lavash is whole wheat, sprayed with olive oil and layered with ingredients before baking for just a few minutes. It is a hit with the kids, and easy to adapt to individual preference.

Also, a tangerine called Ojai Mammoth, which tastes exactly like satsuma mandarins (kind of tart and seedless too) except they are huge (and I LOVE them!), cinnamon apple chunks, giant strawberry, cottage cheese with blackberries and sunflower seeds, edamame skewer and cucumber."

Finalist no. 2: Wheat Meat Stir Fry Bento by hapabento

"Wheat Meat" Stir Fry

Original entry page

Explanation: "Vegetarian Bento for Saba Man. The wheat meat (seitan) cooks perfectly in a stir fry. The texture is like chicken."

So, your task is to vote for your favorite out of these two beautiful and healthy, and of course vegetarian, bentos. Difficult, I know! Send in your vote to by 23:59:59 CET on Friday June 27, 2009. The winner will get a $50 'shopping spree' at From Japan With Love.

Good luck to the two finalists!

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