Losing-weight bullying?

Has anyone ever made some rather extreme thoughts about you losing weight? I have. Apparently, my housemates (who are trying to lose weight too) do not seem to happy about me losing weight because I eat less. It seems to me that they now see me as anorexic because of what I eat and the fact that I say no to unhealthy foods :c They even think I don't eat when I DO eat! I only make healthy changes to my eating, that's all. As I know I needed to lose quite a bit, I decreased my carb portion a little and upped my vege intake. One of my housemates said that if you want to lose weight, don't snack. So I did, although sometimes I cheat a little... I'm also just like my dad, we prefer vegetables to meat. My family also leans more to vegetarianism than being omnivores. I do not have time to exercise because of my schedule, so I walk whenever I could but often end up playing tag with the train to uni.. Also, thanks to bento-ing, I'm accustomed to stop eating once I'm full. I tried to eat a little more yesterday (because of my housemates) and I felt very, very sick. I have not lost as much as I should be able to when I really go on diet - i.e. skip meals and boot-camp exercise the weights off. If I were to do that, I'd already lost the amount I should lose by now.. Many people who are close to me have said I look as if I've lost a lot (but my best friends did not though). I'd like to take that as encouragements but sometimes, the comments sometimes go a little too far. My parents are aware of this but they continue to support me in my journey because the reason I put on those extra 10-15kgs last year was due to a very bad "stress". Losing those extra weights could be one of the way to help me not recall that "stress" ever again, so I really wish I could do this. Help? These thoughts really bother me :'c
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