Looking for guest posters on Just Bento for March

(from the forum, updated)

As I've mentioned earlier, I'm moving at the end of February (we have to vacate on the 26th at 1:30 PM to be precise!) We are going to be nomads for the month of March, as we investigate some areas we are interested in moving to. In other words, March is going to be even nuttier than February. So, I'm looking for some guest posts for Just Bento. If you have a bento blog, food blog, or any kind of blog that you'd like to draw more attention to, this is a good chance to do so. The subscriber numbers for the site have been climbing rapidly lately (55,000+ at last count). Of course, if you just want to express yourself and have the glory (!) of being on the front page of this site, that's great too!

If you are interested, there are just a few requirements:

  • Your blog doesn't have to be a bento blog, but I will give preference to people who actually write about bento- or lunch-related things at least sometimes on their own blogs. No SEO/Internet Marketing blogs please.
  • Your post should be bento or lunch oriented in some way.
  • Your post should be of interest to Just Bento readers.
  • Your post should be original, something that has not been published on or offline elsewhere previously (After it appears on Just Bento you're free to re-post it on your own blog if you like though. You retain all copyrights, etc.)

If you are interested, please contact me with the following info:

  • Your name or nickname that will go with your byline
  • Your site's URL, if applicable
  • The topic and synopsis of your proposed article.

Your completed post should be sent to me by Feb. 20th, in order for it to appear during March. (If it reaches me later, it may appear later on down the line.)

Thank you!

(Please use the contact form to let me know your interest in guest posting.)

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