Line-drying Clothes

Can anyone here who regularly line-dries clothing give me some advice? Every once in a while, I gear up to make my life more eco-friendly. I tried line-drying one time, but my clothes turned out smelling bad. People have told me "Ah, that's just the smell of the great outdoors!" but no. I mean they smelled BAAAAAAAD! As in carry them to another room and they leave odor trails. As in forget the Febreeze and wash the things a second time. That bad. Since I can't do much about the pollution in my area, here's some of my other thoughts: 1. Drying in the bathroom. However, I live in an apartment with a roommate, and her fiancee is over here most of the day. My roomie won't mind me hanging clothes in the shower, but I don't want my pants on display for the fiancee. 2. Drying in my own room. Nobody can see the pants on display here. However, my floor is carpeted. Would drips from laundry be enough to damage my carpet? Would a towel spread out underneath be sufficient to compensate? 3. Drying my workout clothes outside anyway. I regularly go jogging outside, so if the clothes reek a little, nobody will notice on a sparsely-populated outdoor track. I'd rather let people think I stink when I jog than let them think I don't know how to do laundry. Wouldn't you? My climate is hot hot hot and usually humid. It's slowly making its way to warmish and still humid. Since this post is still getting longer, let me add one more thought. Many of my clothes tend to stretch out, so they get pretty baggy if they don't have a trip through the dryer. Anyone else have that problem or know how to counter it?