Just in~

So, hello every one. I am new.. Er, so hi? I've been looking for a good site for healthy Japanese recipes and this was the best one I've found. (Everything else more or less didn't provide enough information, and that aside, I haven't really found one that had you get active with it. In this case here, the forms.) I've gotten my mother into Japanese food. I bought a book recently titled, "Japanese Women don't get Fat, Old, or Ugly." The book was very lovely. The author provided a lot of wonderful information, plus the fact that she even wrote it in such an encouraging way. I forced my mother to read it, and she did. (It's shocking, she usually doesn't read..) And it was with that we decided to try a Japanese diet together. She was doing well, and had lost about 10lbs before, for some reason, she broke it, and gained all of it back. Case in point, I am running around trying to find ways that I can get her back on the diet. Now, she started walking on the treadmill (Mine,) and riding bikes with me. (Which she doesn't seem to enjoy, but whatever.) Still, she's not eating right. And that's why I'm here. For my mom, who I want to be healthy.. (And I want to do it with her, because you just feel so amazing after eating a healthy meal, and not a hamburger.) Sorry for the long rant. Just had to get that off my chest. No one really needs to read it, or will not anyway, but I'm getting to the main part of this introduction.. I hope you will all welcome me here, and not mind the fact that I'm just a high school student? I can't be the only one here. Hello, everyone. ~Miyu