Japanese Groceries :)

Hi guys. This thread is about Japanese Groceries. What are you favourites? What Japanese food have you been dissapointed in? What do you want to buy soon? Here's my list: Favourites: Kewpie Mayo S&B Mild Curry / Hokkaido Corn Cream Stew Okonomiyaki flour and sauce / Yakisoba Sauce (plus aonori, red ginger, katsuobushi etc.) Instant Miso Soup and Dashi Sushi rice plus nori, vinegar, wasabi etc. Pokka Coffee/Royal Milk Tea/Calpis WASABI PEAS! Furikake (especially wasabi flavour) Morinaga Pancake Mix (guilty pleasure!) Natto Dissapointments: Ramen noodles, I think they're quite yummy and they taste authentic (unlike the UK variants) however they are so salty they make me feel sleepy and bloated afterwards :( Pocky, most overrated snack Collon (too sweet) Instant Purin (creme caramel) Things I want to buy but never have: Mochi Azuki bean paste Mochi ice cream Aburaage (tofu pouches) Japanese Sweets that are actually delicious. I *think* that's everything! I have spent FAR too much money in the Japan Centre! What does everyone else love/hate? xx