Japanese Beef; Wagyu and or Kobe

The recent post by Maki about Fugu got me thinking about the other really expensive Japanese restaurant meal. Kobe beef. So who here has had this delicacy and what did you think of it? Was it home cooked or restaurant. Is it really worth the cost? I was thinking about it also because my husband and I went to a very fancy restaurant here for our anniversary, which is one of the few outside of San Fransisco to serve this beef. It's called Alexander's steak house and is a asia/western fusion place with a big emphasis on beef. You can get three or four types of beef here, USDA prime aged 25 days, Australian beef and Waygu and Kobe beef. The cost goes up in this direction also. (We had the USDA Prime and it was delicious!! 6oz filet mignon about $50.) One dish they serve is (I think) four-5oz steaks,one of each kind. They are not labeled and it comes with a little chalk board that you are supposed to write down your guesses on and compare with you dinner companions. It's $150. a la carte. Just a straight Kobe beef steak is about $250 for an 8oz piece, also a la carte. I heard that people eating the whole 8 oz by themselves can get a stomach ache because it's so rich and it's suggested by some to share that much. So any one here had this meat? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
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