Hi all from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I saw a mention of "BENTO" on a diet site (maybe weight watchers??). I had never seen the word before much less heard of the concept. So what do I do? GOOGLE of course, LOL. And that's where I discovered just exactly what a bento box was. I was fascinated and hooked. I started making bentos when school started and make them every day for my 17 yr old daughter. My 21 yr old son is now asking for them on days when he has classes. Mine are not artistic or usually even "pretty" but they are healthy and filling which were my priorities for my kids. My DD said the kids used to make fun of her lunches but now love to see what she's getting each day (though they still laugh at some of her containers). She loves fresh food and veggies so I do lots of salads (fruit salad and veggie salads). But I've also made MANY of Maki's japanese recipes and they have all been big hits in the bento box. I just finished eating a potato oyaki with meat soboro and made sunomono for my daughter's bento this morning! I find bentos fascinating and hope to find the time to make one for ME each day!