An interesting conundrum for a study abroad student.

First off, let me mention that I'm new, both to bento-making and this site. Forgive me if I've put this in the wrong place. I'm an American student studying abroad in Tokyo right now. I'm living with a host family. Due to a bit of miscommunication, in which I put in a bit too much food into the fridge, my host mom has revoked my fridge privileges. D: This, however, hasn't really stopped my bento-making, since I have looked around here and took down some ideas, like buying microwaveable rice. Since I started about a month ago, I've been rotating between making onigiri with fish flakes on the inside, and PB&J sandwiches (I borrow the jam from the family). It's kind of getting a tad bit old, but I'm a bit at a loss as to what to do to make anything new since there's not too much I can buy that is dry, I don't think. I understand that it is a bit tricky, and hopefully, you all can help me a bit! In short: - I do not care about making my bento pretty, but I do care about my sleep. - The host family is not responsible for my lunches, and are therefore unwilling to provide me space or buy anything for me. - The only thing I can put in the fridge is one small thing that will be used the next day, which I've been using most days for a small salad from 7/11. - I want some more diversity in my meals, so any recipes that would suit my current situation would be lovely! D: Thank you! <3