Ideas for a picky family

Ok, well, my family is overweight and picky. We also need a special diet as well. Diabetic - My mom has diabetes which means me, Amber (sister), and Selene (5 moth old daughter) are all at risk for diabetes. The meals need to be high in protein and low in carbs. Also, she doesn't eat eggs unless they're scrambled. Lacto-Ovo - I don't eat red meat, but I'll eat anything else. No fish - Or seafood of any kind for that matter. Actually, Amber is extremely picky. She won't eat anything. I finally got her to eat onions but only after I had disguised them. All she eats is junk food. She eats hot dogs, cheez-its, pizza, some cereals, but doesn't really like cooked vegetables but I'm working on breaking her of that. It's really hard to think out of the box when making food for my family. I want us all to eat a lot healthier than we are right now and I'm really not sure where to start.
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