How does the food stay crispy?

I quite like dishes like pan-fried chicken nuggets, Chicken Kijiyaki (tomorrow's bento ^^), Chicken Kara-age or the Fried Shrimp as the meaty part of my bentos... But somehow the fried foods never stays crispy after a few hours in a bento box. I always let everything cool down completely before I put it in the box or before I close the lid but still... I mean, I don't expect my chicken to be super crispy, but it would be nice if it had a little crunch instead of being a little soggy. Does anybody have a trick? Maybe I am doing something wrong? On a different note, I love this purple powder that comes on the rice in some Japanese restaurants. I think it's the same stuff I see in the pictures of Toyama's bentos (the one in the bright blue boxes from the "Great Bento Ideas: One box, infinite bentos" article). I really like this "powder", can you please let me know what it is called or what's in it? They have different rice seasonings in the Japanese Grocery store I go to, but I don't know which one to buy. Thanks so much, Kerstin
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