How the Get Started Bento Challenge will work

(From the new Just Bento forum)

Here are the details of the Get Started Bento Challenge. Please note: I got the start date wrong for the first week because I don't know how to read a calendar properly! I really meant for it to start on Monday, January 12th. Because of my mistake though, we'll say we'll start the first week on the 12th or the 13th, then re-adjust so that the next week starts properly on a Monday.

Please see this post which lists the overall goals for this Challenge.

Here's how the challenge will work.

  • This is a a 5-week challenge.
  • Each Challenge Week will commence on a Monday, so:
    • Week 1 starts Monday, January 12 / Tuesday, January 13 (because of my screwup) - Details here!
    • Week 2 starts Monday, January 19
    • Week 3 starts Monday January 26
    • Week 4 starts Monday, February 2
    • Week 5 starts Monday, February 9
    • Ending date is Sunday, February 15, the day after Valentine's Day.
  • Before each week starts (by Sunday) I'll post about some specific goals/objectives for that week. (Of course you can customize these for your own purposes as much as you like).
  • We can track our progress for that week here, or on your own blog, or wherever you'd like to share it, but please let us know in the central community how you're doing if you can.
  • Sharing pictures is encouraged! You can share via the flickr pool if you like.

Anything other than me messing up the start date (grr) that I'm missing? Please let me know!