My name is Lauren (Fossil on here). I love fossil watches/purses, hence the name, though I do enjoy archaeology. I got started on bentos....er....I think 2 years ago, when I took my first japanese class, and ordered my first one from jlist.com, and have made them every since. I think I either have a slight wheat allergy/intolerance (whenever I eat bread, it usually kick-starts acid-reflux), thus I'm trying to cut it out of my diet. Currently a full time student, I'm currently debating about changing majors from Chemisty with an emphasis on forensics to being able to teach English as a Second Language. Thus I'm taking Japanese 102 this quarter (even though last time I spoke Japanese was in 101 two years ago) My other hobbies besides cooking would be horseback riding, it is my passion in life. Can't get enough of it, even after the broken arm a few years ago, and the concussion last August. I'm currently helping my trainer work with 3 different horses and a pony, it's quite fun. : ) I'm hoping to compete in my first dressage show this summer...I've been riding for about 6 years on and off, and have yet to show, so it will be exciting.