Hi there, from NJ!

I suppose I am to introduce myself. I am a tiny female Japanophile going into my last year of High School. I recently bought my first few bento boxes and plan to make myself yummy boxed lunches. I have so many dietary restrictions it is horrible. Picky eater, plush Kosher, plus oral allergy syndrome (can't eat most raw fruits/veggies). I hope I can work around everything to make yummy and pretty bentos. This year I want to learn to cook more. My mom always yells that she has to cook everything, so I want to help. I am afraid of the kitchen, and usually get grossed out by food preparation so bad I leave the room. But not for long. Um. I like turtles, rainbows, stuffed animals, Hello Kitty, soft things, and clothes too. :) And smilie faces.