Hi from Poland!

Hello! I'm ninteen years old, polish art academy student. I'm big fan of cooking, not only japanese stuff, but cooking in general. In bento I'm still newbie, I've made only few so far. But now, I'm studying and working at the same time, and spending more time apart my dear kitchen, so I think I've got enough good excuse to bring little cute boxed meal with me every day. Aside cooking, I'm interested in fashion and design, theatre, movies, books, art in general. Also, I adore Japanese culture (yeah, manga and anime includes). I've been training kendo for about a year and half, but had to make a short break because of my final highschool exams. I'm trekkie and sf fan (TRUE nerd). Also, beeing a nerd, I love games, esspecially adventure ones (Monkey Island, Syberia). Also, I LOVE motorcycles. And old cars. And RETRO in general. But the most motorcycles. Pleased to meet you :)