Hi from the Netherlands!

Hi! I'm Judith, a 32 y/o mom from the netherlands. It's just a couple of days ago since it was the first time I ever heard of bento; but I'm amazed and got very excited about it! For our daughter was born I already was regulating my food pattern; I'm overweight since I was 6 y/o; and I'm raised along western ideas; and I'm really dutch; tall with a strong body; not really tiny. So I'm learning a lot about eating habits; my own eating habits and our cultural eating habits; and it is a struggle to do things different; especially since I'm a mom. I nurse my girl still at 2,5 y/o; and we dont give her sweets; just home baked full wheat cookies without sugar. All things that are a bit weird over here, it is so normal to buy and eat lots of unhealthy foods. And I want to eat more healthy; taking better care for my body. But I like to decorate too! I started baking birthday cakes about a year ago; for our birthdays and for friends and family. It is very time consuming, so I dont do it a lot, but I really like to decorate and making food more fun. So eating healtier and decorating; yeah; I think Bento is really something I like! I already lost an apetite for bread a few months ago; but I'm a bit of a worrier about salades and stuff without fridge, so I need to do more reading on that. And my fiancé is underweight, so I think Bento can be better for him to; to adjust his lunches and portions. Ohw and I like more japanes/asian stuff; anime's; cute/kawaii. And I have a larger collection of my little ponies; which dont get a lot attention anymore since my daughter is around. But with my daughter I share the love for Hello Kitty and Totoro (one of the first things I bought during my pregnancy was a Hello Kitty Diaper bag on ebay, and now Hello Kitty is selling good in the Netherlands). I keep reptiles and I like to make things; sewing, knitting, crochet, drawing in my moleskine, and I'm a active member in the dutch babywearing and nursing community.