Help: red finger food

On Sunday afternoon me and some friends are going to run a Murder Mystery Party. It will be the kind where there are some "actors" playing the part of the suspects and the "public" plays detective trying to solve the murder. We are going to offer something to drink and something to eat. Since much of the story revolves around Bloody Mary (the drink) and strawberries, I'd like to keep a "red" theme. I'm going to bake a strawberry yogurt cake and cover it with red icing, but I could use some suggestion for red finger food. Please keep in mind that I will have to prepare it in advance (no later than Sunday morning) and I will have to transport it to a place with no fridge, where it will have to wait for 2 o 3 hours. Also, we expect up to 60 people, so it has to be something easy to make and possibly cheap, since I'm paying for it out of my pocket! So far the only ideas I got are squares of pizza and canape with red "caviar". If I can find some workforce to exploit (also known as "friends" :P ) also some skewer with cherry tomatoes and cubes of cheese, but I'm not sure how the skewered tomatoes would hold up. So, any suggestion is welcome :)