Help me through the cauliflower glut

One of the blessings of a dreadful winter was the terrible effect it had on the usually hardy cauliflower crop. Every week I get a box full of vegetables delivered to the door. Occasionally there's something in there I'm not fond of, but usually I can find a way to like eating them, or my husband will finish them off as he isn't nearly as fussy as I am and really loves winter vegetables (an example is parsnips, I can just about tolerate these in muffins but my husband enjoys the taste and will slice and roast a batch in the oven). Our nemesis has finally reappeared on the horizon, and, from past experience, I anticipate a cauliflower a week in the foreseeable future. Any ideas on how to make this unwelcome vegetable box squatter palatable? I know about cauliflower cheese (my husband likes this, me, not so much), but that's way too fattening as a weekly feature, and rather pricey too. Fried cauliflower tempura or pakora isn't an option as we don't have a deep fat fryer nor do I want to use up a bottle of oil just so I can cook this one vegetable. My main problem with cauliflower is the texture, particularly when it's been overcooked. However, even with the freshest, least sulphuric, examples of this vegetable curd, I just don't like how it tastes. Even my partner is dreading it. Any ideas? Preferably those that don't rely on fat and calories to mask the taste?