please help me with christmas dinner!

hello, everybody, and happy holidays! christmas is a family thing and i've been making dinner for 14 years now, but usually, i start planning and asking about suggestions around october. this time stuff came up- my mom isn't well and i was busy looking for therapists and didn't plan anything, because we're all a little stressed out and not in the mood for big cooking. however, now my dad wants a pork roast for christmas, which he has asked for since i moved out, my bro is coming over from paris with his girlfriend and somehow i feel we all deserve something not just relaxed, but also really nice and festive, sooo- i guess i'll do it. whew. i'll have to think fast now! here's the general outline: i need to feed 5 people and keep it simple, but a little impressive. mom, dad, brother, his girlfriend, me. i've done it before. maybe my brother will bring a random friend around without telling-he sometimes does, but by now i'm prepared for that. my dad offered to wash salad and run errants if needed. i thought about a little salad and smoked trout with crusty white bread for a starter (nearly no work ;) ), then there'll be roast, generally grandma-style pork in a big lump with crispy, crusty skin and fat on top, because i love my daddy. to keep it interesting while cooking, i'll do it with a spicy, asian-inspired twisty thing this time- soy sauce, ginger, chili, a little citrus peel, a bit of garlic, perhaps, as a marinade-pork can take it all! i know the butcher, this'll be lovely young, tender organic piggy! i'll slow-roast it and brush the skin with something with orange flower honey and more spices.. (getting hungry..) i plan to make some roasted sweet potatoes for a sweet side and an fruity- orangey- hot grilled red bell pepper dish (which i can do the day before), plus some lovely gravy from the pork, of course. desert will have to be simple again, maybe some bought good ice cream/sorbet, whipped cream or cream chantilly and fresh fruit, i can usually get great pomegranates from my turkish grocers.. these are my rather hectic thought so far. now, i better stop drinking coffee and start to go shopping! i have a general idea, but i'll need a little help with thinking it through, i need ideas for wine or drinks.. i haven't counted the pots i'll be needing yet.. i'm thinking about incorporating tahini somewhere in this, because i like it very much and think maybe they'll like it, too.. most of you may be busy with holiday preparations themselves, but if anybody feels inclined to help me with ideas/suggestions/comments, i'd be very thankful! rehfilet