Hello from Switzerland

Hi everybody, I'm Ginette, from the french speaking part of Switzerland (Geneva area). I intended to say hello much earlier, but didn't take time to do it... I somehow took part to the bento challenge, posting bento pictures on the flickr stream, but didn't take part to any discussion here. I mostly wanted to improve the variety of my lunches and find new ideas to fill in my bento boxes. Until now, I used them for mostly healthy western-style food, like salads, vegetables and/or sandwiches. Now I add some tamagoyaki and onigiri, stir fried rice or noodles. What I didn't do before was to cook anything in the morning, and now I take a little time to do it. I also try to make them look better and to take better pictures of them, as photography is one of my hobbies. But until now my bento pictures were so poor that I kept them on the private part of my flickr gallery, so you can only see them in Just Bento Pool :D See you