Hello from a So Cal vegetarian!

Hi everyone! *waves* I'm excited for the challenge, especially since I lapsed in making bentos last semester. I got busy with work (I work full-time at a university), grad school and TAing, which left little time for bento-making! T____T But, I'm using the challenge to get back in the habit and to make nutritious and attractive (not artsy or cute, but visually attractive enough to eat) bentos that I'll remember to eat (I sometimes get so busy at work that I forget to eat lunch). My bentos are comprised of foods from across the spectrum, especially since I'm biracial (Filipino and Mexican) and I live in multicultural Southern California. I'm also a vegetarian, verging on vegan, so I use a lot of the recipes that Maki shares. Anyway, I look forward to doing the challenge with everyone. Best of luck to all! ^___^