Hello from just outside Boston!

Hello! My name is Margo. I have been avidly reading this site as well as a couple other bento sites. I have made bentos unknowingly for a while, and wanted to learn more things I could do for lunches. I currently have a fit and fresh lunch on the go kit that I use, and just ordered a set of lock & locks to expand my bento containers (curse you amazon for being out of stock and won't deliver until early may!). Since I am unemployed (yay) and working on things mostly from home, I don't make lunch as much as I used to. I have mostly been experimenting with recipes and learning how to prepare things for when I do get to make myself lunches again. On the exciting side - I am a tupperware consultant, and have access to the best little tupperware things in the world: smidgets! Only consultants can get them, and sadly enough - they were the reason I became a consultant because I love them for bento use. If you are not familiar with smidgets, click below for a picture: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/53/116573064_773abcbbe4.jpg?v=0 (also pictured there are midgets, the larger container types, the size of a shot glass) I use the smidgets for almost everything - perfect size for some wasabi. Also, I have sometimes used them for my vitamins so that I don't forget to take them with my meal! They make my bentos so much easier, because I can't find enough sturdy airtight containers to hold liquids and such. So yeah, hello!