Hello from Jolly ol' England.

Hi :) I'm Katy, I'm 23 and from Derbyshire in the north of England. I love to cook but have recently got a bit lazy as my work dictates how/when I can eat. I work at a cinema so I'm surrounded by snacks and 3/7 a week work evenings so I can't sit down for a hot meal very much. And along comes Bento! Came across this site while looking for some alternatives to sandwiches to take to work. I swiftly wrote a shopping list and set to work :) I love the idea of packing some food that's not only healthy but filling and exciting at the same time. Unfortunatly my pocket also dictates how I eat :( I managed to get hold of two little boxes from Tesco (supermarket) in their Back to School section as this is about as good as I'm going to get at the moment (for starting out they're pretty good). So anyway, enough rambling :D xx