Hello from Argentina!

Hi, my name is Ana (a.k.a Elodia), and i live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I really like japanese food and practically like to try every new dish I can. Once i learnt about bentos and found such wonderfull webs aroun about them, I couldn`t help it, I had to try. I started preparing easy stuff, but my main problem is getting the ingredients here. I'm on a diet, and my nutricionist says I can't eat that much rice, so I eat mainly veggies and chicken, which is very boring! Last week I received my new bento box, which I first used on sunday, with some grilled chicken, tomato salad, ommelete and some oniguiris, with tangerine for desert. Anyways, im really happy to learn how to cook and, most of all, take care of myself, in a funny and nice way! Cheers! Elo-