Hello from Alaska!

Hi everyone! I may not be in Alaska right now (I'm currently in Minneapolis, MN for schooling) but I intend to go back home to wonderful Alaska come May. I started looking into bento during a product design project, I'm an illustration major and I was making a custom bento box for my little sister, who speaks fluent japanese due to years of classes. I thought it would be a nice birthday gift for her, but I had no idea that Bento making would be so fun. I've been cooking asian food for about two weeks now and making my own bento for a little less time, and it's wonderful! I've recently joined a few other online communities and I'm looking forward to trying the 5 week get fit bento challenge here. I also make custom bento boxes, I currently have 3 different designs but I hope to make more in the future and open up an Etsy shop. If you'd like to see them I have pictures on my LJ account - www.paiselypirate.livejournal.com Thanks!