I am new to Bento, I found it while surfing the internet for healthy lunches for my 8 year old son. He came home upset because some kids had called him "fat". Now he is chunky, but he is honestly big boned! But he didn't get "chunky" until he started school. What changed? I went to work full-time and he started eating breakfast, lunch and snack at school! A quick review of the public school menu showed me that he was eating mostly high fat, carb rich meals. So this year I decided to start packing his lunch. He rebelled the first couple of weeks, but the last two days he has been coming into the kitchen the night before and asking me what he gets the next day! I have been easing him into better eating habits, he now doesn't throw a fit about fruit being in his lunch box and next week I am going to start on vegetables. Eventually, I hope to get organized enought to pack bento for me and my husband. Sis