Greetings from Poland

Hi everyone! It's my first post here and it'll be short since I should be revising for tomorrow vocab test :P Hmm... I live in Poland and here I study English language. We have lectures twice a week and on Wednesday he had quite a break for some lunch or - how we call it here - second breakfast. I used to eat french fries with my friend + some juice. But the prices in our canteen are higher and higher and it was not so healthy so I decided to start making obentos - I'm anime lovers, that's how I learned about them. While searching for some recipes and general clues I found this blog :P And I liked it. Last Wednesday I made my first bento. Well, not really well-planned (some rice + 1 egg tamagoyaki + a tomato) but it was a nice start. And people from my group were looking like "WTF these are chopsticks? And rice? How the hell you can eat rice with chopsticks?" :D And just a moment ago I prepared my first onigiri ever :) Yoshi, now it's really time for me to do some revise. See you :)