Greetings from Holland

Hi everybody, After having visited this site (and just hungry) on a daily basis for a few months now (I love both sites btw, have already tried out many great recipes), I thought I'd better join the club. So here I am :) I'm a 39 years old mother of two (boy 9, girl 8), married, living in the northern region of Holland. I work "outside" for 4 days a weak, which gives me enough opportunities to experiment with bento. Thanks to this site I've already filled it with many great meals, and I plan to keep on doing that. For my last birthday my husband got me a cute "real" bentobox from j-box, as well as a lot of other sushi-stuff (I've never been happier with a box filled with plastic stuff), so I've also started making pictures of my lunches now (before it just didn't look so good :)) and describing them on my blog...never thought of myself as a blogging person, always too busy with other stuff, but you just never know :) Anyway, so far my introduction... feel free to ask if you want to know something else. Are there any more bento'ers from holland by the way? Because I'd like to exchange shopping tips... J-box etc. are very nice, but it would be nice to have some addresses closer by.