Greetings from Florida!

Hey Everyone! I've been following the site for a while via my RSS reader, and was totally overjoyed to get the cookbook and some fun tools (onigiri shaper, egg mold) for Christmas. My husband and I are turning to a bento approach for lunchtime to help with portion control, eating a variety of foods, not eating the same thing every day (so many American recipes are for like 6, I get tired of eating all those leftovers), eating more vegetables (maki has the best veggie recipes!!!), and because my husband is going back to grad school this fall to study and work on some research projects. I hope by then to be a seasoned bento maker so he can have something lovely in the middle of the day that is made with love. I really identify with that idea. I'm turning 29 soon, and my husband is 31. No kids (as of yet, waiting to see how that grad school thing goes.. if one happens along I guess that is ok, too), but we have two hilarious cats named Inara and Ioz. We currently live in the panhandle of Florida (the little bit snugged up against Alabama.. otherwise known as the Big Oil Slick part of Florida... no, actually, you can't see any anymore :) ) but we'll be moving to Orlando for the grad school thing - excited about that, since there are actually Asian markets there that carry Japanese items, and cheap CSAs, and walkable areas, and diversity.. yes yes, I am looking forward to it :) I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!
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