Greetings from... Florida!

Hi guys! I just wanted to introduce myself. I've been a lurker for quite some time - though lately more so. I've been really trying to eat right (Lost 7 lbs so far, or around 3.1kg). I love the idea of bentos, but haven't really ventured into buying a real bento yet - mostly because I'd have to mail order it. Though, the way my lunch looks it could probably be called a bento! A little bit about me: I live in Pensacola (the panhandle of Florida) which is about 40 minutes from the Alabama state line. I am married, with no children but 5 cats who like to think they're my kids. Me and my husband both ride Motorcycles (that's me on my green one in the pic) - and we both play World of Warcraft. My obsession with Japan began when I lived in Hawaii for 2 years (i was 11-12) - I was fascinated by chinese new year and the street vendors who sold various asian cuisine. My friend gave me a BSSM (Sailor moon) card...and that started my fascination with Anime. I became a HUGE BSSM fan for most of my jr. high/High school years - Which lead to Manga from a magazine published called Smile - which is similair to todays Shoujo Beat. Of course, manga then introduced me to the Bento - and Anime introduced me to J-pop...So yes. I'm a huge Arashi Fangirl - I love sushi and different types of cuisine really - and I am also addicted to watching dramas online (Hello Hanadan!). My husband makes fun of me and calls them "Korean Porn" (no offense to any koreans here! >.<). Not to mention my ultimate obsession with actually learning to speak Japanese. So that's it. And i've probably shared too much - but hey it's the internet and that's what it's for ne?